Transformational discoveries like insulin happen when the right people are granted the time, resources, collaborators and support to pursue big ideas. Visionary donors are crucial to creating these ideal conditions.

Advances in Human Health

Now more than ever, the University of Toronto is uniquely positioned to unravel the mysteries behind our most complex diseases and translate today’s basic science discoveries into tomorrow’s paradigm-shifting advances in human health.

Research and Education Hub

As the research and educational hub within a large network of teaching hospitals and North America’s third-largest biomedical cluster, we are a world-leading force in diabetes research, regenerative medicine, genomics, metabolism and nutrition, neuroscience and brain health, population health and more.

Life-Changing Opportunities

Support cutting-edge research at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and life-changing opportunities for our students.

Find out how you can help support and catalyze this work, making a meaningful impact on the future of health and health care.